Business Consulting

Pink Purse Consulting can help develop any business from ground to completion. We specialize in corporate, non profit, and local business development. We want to help you create a company where people can intimately connect with your brand in order to retain clients. We can connect you with top of the line custom web development. We have accountants and lawyers to handle the legal aspects of getting your business started. We can assist in business development through creating training materials for employees, conducting training classes, or connecting you to people in your local community who can assist. Once you are done we will ensure your business is ready for the world to see with a complete critique.

We help your personal business as much as your personal brand. After offering one’s own image a make-over, we also can do the same for the company you established. We cover everything from business start ups to marketing, analysis of budgets to cut and save, or a unique need.

1. Getting Started
2. Legal Recommendations
3. Training Material
4. Completion Critique

Pink Purse is affiliated with several businesses in the community. We have helped develop successful nonprofit organizations and local business groups. We believe innovative marketing, organization and by driving the right results you can attract and retain clients.

1. Corporate
2. Non Profit
3. Local

We help small businesses get started with all the necessary and wanted steps when building a brand.

1. Consumer and competitive research
2. Concept ideation
3. Brand story telling
4. Marketing and social media strategy
5. Product strategy


We have proudly partnered with Indulge XS Spa + Salon to offer women the opportunity to develop their own Beauty Business.

1. Become a Consultant
2. Host a Party
3. Gain New Friends! Find a Consultant!