Our Mission for You

Pink Purse Consulting is dedicated to the survival and economic power of women. It is our goal for every woman to achieve her personal level of greatness. Through our ambitious efforts to motivate, empower, and elevate the mental, intellectual, and physical well being of women we seek to make women healthy and whole.

Pink Purse offers a wide variety of services. We provide information to guide women to resources and community outreach programs that will enhance their skills which are to be utilized in the workforce; therefore increasing the productivity of humankind. We are creative in our execution of your life planning to tailor fit every woman we decide to accept as a client. We are women from all walks of life and we understand what it takes to get to the next level of womanhood in this life’s journey. We will help you capitalize on what draws others to you so you can market your true passions and achieve your goals. We want you to be apart of positive change that can effect generations of women to come! Welcome to the woman’s school of life.

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