Our services at Pink Purse Consulting create a complete interactive experience for our clients that will attract people to their personal brand or business. We deliver high quality consultation through professional planning, creativity, and research tailored to achieve one’s personal ambitions. We will help you capitalize on what draws others to you so you can market your true passions and achieve your goals. Our services include home improvement, personal branding, personal skills training, etiquette consulting, business development, and career placement.
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Each service has been selected to set you on a successful path of success. First in order to present yourself to the world we must start with the space around you. Having a clean office and personal space will help your mind be free from clutter so you can focus on the goals ahead of you. We believe if your home and office is in order it will show. We want to set you off on a positive and solid foundation which will keep you on a steady path and propel you ahead of others. If you do not have a home or reliable office space we help you think outside the box about your office location to get you on the road to stability. Second we focus on the image you have of your current self and how to go about transforming that image into who you want to be in the workforce and life. We polish your look to land you the clients or job you desire.  Now that you are looking good and feeling fine here comes the part that sets you above the rest, step three, your etiquette and ability to behave in a variety of situations.  This step helps you build your community.  For young professionals who might be wanting to be apart of a brand just be aware most career opportunities will interview on average five times or more. The final interview is often a test of poise and grace thus your etiquette must rank above average. Forth let us increase your skills and knowledge in the field you are seeking a professional role.  Continuing education in your skillset is always a crucial element to success.  This step helps you retain your community and their interest in you.  Fifth we help your business as much as your personal brand. After offering one’s own image a make-over we also can do the same for the company you established. We cover everything to business start ups from marketing, analysis of budgets to cut and save, or a unique need. Business branding is our ultimate goal. Lastly as a bonus we help you find people who want to work with you in your field. Whether you seek to work for yourself or another company we are here to help you find the right fit at the right time and place to achieve your goal.