​Women of Excellence (WE) Fellowship

Pink Purse House Foundation’s (PPHF) Women of Excellence recognizes the need for more women in leadership roles within our business community. It is because of this need that we launched the Women of Excellence (WE) Fellowship.  The power of education is a key component for young adults who will become key leaders in our community. Coupling these young ladies with women who are positive role models will increase their self-esteem. Our mentors are required to have successful careers and connections that will help fellows gain access to insider industry knowledge that will enhance their skills. The Women of Excellence honors women who have proven ready to work in a specific area of interest that will prepare them to enter the workforce.

Fellowships are merit-based financial awards to support a student in a full-time area of study. Fellows receive tuition assistance through a fund paid directly to her university or skills training program.  Or they may receive funds for housing or other living needs. This opportunity creates a financial stress-free environment. The goal is to eliminate distractions so focus on gaining business skills is achieved.

A female student selected to embark on this journey is chosen with bettering women and society in mind. This movement wishes to eliminate the degradation of women found in our homes, work-force, and globally. We ultimately seek for women to earn the tools that build their homes on an informed foundation. It is important for young ladies to truly know the history of women in society, our successes, downfalls, and achievements. The short-term goal of this fellowship is to prepare the student for success within a business. The long-term goal is to create a well-rounded woman aware of self who will use her success to give back and develop many more girls and women worldwide!

To be eligible to apply for the WE fellowships, you must meet the below listed criteria:

  • Graduated from an accredited college program, post high school training program or Pink Purse training program.
  • Earned a minimum 3.0 GPA or above
  • Complete an essay on an area of interest in business and why that area is of interest
  • Create a map of what success achieving your goal looks like
  • Demonstrate a need for financial assistance

Duties of a Fellowship Mentor and Recipient:

A Woman of Excellence fellow is paired with a Woman of Excellence graduate or an advanced industry leader in a structured mentorship relationship.

  • Mentors are responsible for highlighting the triumphs and challenges she faced as a woman in her field as well as increasing the students scope on her area of interest.
  • Mentors will provide training and skills development opportunities and feedback to the fellow.
  • Mentors provide at least three networking opportunities so fellows can ask questions to others in areas of business, have a hands-on day, and provide at least one interview at the end of the fellow so the mentee has the opportunity to land a job.

Recipient responsibilities are to grow from service and to broaden their scope of women in business.

  • Serve as an intern at the Pink Purse House Foundation’s national office for one month.
  • Complete an area of research defined by PPHF.
  • Volunteer with an affiliated women’s empowerment organization for one month to broaden the scope of women in society.
  • Participate in three national WE events such as the WE Gala, Pink Purse Luncheon, and Pink Purse Open House.

Women of Excellence will report what is found in their scope of business. At our WE Gala WE fellows are expected to creatively express through a power-point presentation, artistic reenactment, or speech what they learned regarding women bettering society through business during their fellowship. The report will cover what she learned about the success stories and challenges that women in her field meet. She will include WEAPONS she gained to be a force in her field and society. Recipient findings will be publicized through our newsletter, social media, and news for all donors to track their investment into the success of women completing our Women of Excellence Fellowship.